2.07 carat pear-shaped Fancy Intense Blue Diamond and 2.33 carat pear-shaped Fancy Intense Pink Diamond “Toi et Moi” Ring. FungTsang@ST United Studio Ltd

HONG KONG.- Ravenel will hold its inaugural Fine Jewels and Jadeite Sale at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong at 2:30pm, 25 Nov (Sunday). The sale will showcase a vast array of splendid jewelry , led by a stunning 2.07 carat pear-shaped Fancy Intense Blue Diamond and 2.33-carat pear-shaped Fancy Intense Pink Diamond “Toi et Moi” Ring; and a Burmese Jadeite, Demantoid Garnet and Diamond Pendant Necklace by Gimel, amongst other colored diamonds, gemstones and jadeite. This inaugural sale proudly presents more than 120 items of jewels and jadeite, totalling approximately HK$90million/ NT$342million*.

Benjamin Chen, the President of Ravenel’s Jewelry Department, remarked, “High jewelry gives an impressive performance in recent years’ international auction markets, attracting a soaring number of eager collectors to participate. Considering this, Ravenel International Art Group finds itself in a thriving expansion on related services. With pristine experience in art auctions, Ravenel singles out the global market of rare gemstones and endeavours to establish an exemplary world-class platform with a vast array of exquisite collections. We have amassed a considerable amount of remarkable auction items for our inaugural sale, led by a pear-shaped Fancy Intense Blue Diamond and Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring, a Burmese Jadeite Necklace by Gimel, amongst other dazzling jewels and jadeite.”

The prime focus of this sale belongs to a Pear-shaped Fancy Intense Blue Diamond and Fancy Intense Pink Diamond “Toi et Moi” Ring (Est: HK$17.2 - 19.5 million; pictured on the first page). The ring is set with the pear-shaped fancy intense blue and fancy intense pink diamonds weighing 2.07 and 2.33 carats respectively, within an oval-shaped diamond intertwined surround symbolising the infinity “8”. The 2.07 carat diamond is of fancy intense blue, natural color, with internally flawless clarity; whereas the 2.33 carat diamond is of fancy intense pink, natural color, with VVS1 clarity. Surrounded by a cluster of white diamonds, the pear-shaped diamonds represent two halves of a heart symbolising the unity of “You and Me” (“Toi et Moi”); and the “infinity” design of the oval-shaped diamonds expresses eternal and everlasting love. Pink and blue diamonds are amongst the most highly prized gems in the world because of their rarity, rendering this ring portraying the romance in the air a true treasure to acquire and be cherished forever.

Another highlight is a suite of Burmese Ruby and Diamond Jewelry (Est: HK$3.8 - 4.5 million). The pendant necklace exquisitely exhibits a heart-shaped ruby weighing 5.02 carats, set to the ruby and diamond cluster surround and surmount. The splendid pair of ear pendants en suite is each set with a heart-shaped ruby weighing 3.07 and 4.04 carats, both of them of vivid red “pigeon’s blood” color, the most desirable color in rubies. Mounted in platinum, the ear pendants effuse mesmerising brilliance like two fully blossoming flowers.

A set of Unheated Burmese circular-cut Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry (Est: HK$1.85 - 2.3 million) will set to be another highlight of the sale. Of “Royal Blue” color, the unheated oval cabochon sapphire of the ring weighs 15.14 carats, exuding irresistible elegance and glamor. A pair of sapphire ear pendants en suite, each centering upon an oval cabochon sapphire weighing a total of 18.42 carats, is surrounded by white diamonds of D, E and F color - a true dazzling item not to be missed.

A 17.21 carat Opal and Multi-colored Sapphire Ring (right in picture; Est: HK$140,000 - 180,000) and an exclusive 47.59 carat Opal and Diamond Ring (left in the picture; Est: HK$280,000 - 350,000) will be a delightful surprise to this year’s sale. Of Ethiopian origin, the opals are hydrophane, meaning that they will become transparent if submerged in water for a short period of time, while gradually restoring its play-of-color within a few hours. Such mesmerising wonder is highly prized by collectors, rendering it a new rising star in the world of gemstones.

The jadeite from this sale is also of remarkable standard, be it the design or the quality. The undisputable leading lot belongs to a Burmese Jadeite, Demantoid Garnet and Diamond Pendant Necklace by Gimel (Est: HK$4.8 - 6.8 million). Designed by Gimel, an international brand from Japan, this stunning necklace comprises three jadeite hoops of various sizes; each of highly translucent material suffused with brilliant emerald green streaks against the light green background. Mounted in 18K gold, the necklace is also luxuriously set with diamonds and demantoid garnets, exuding an alluring contemporary aura. The necklace comes with more than 12 different ways of wearing, with its jadeite pendants detachable as three separate loops suitable for both glamorous evening look and daily wearing. With such elegance and versatility, this sophisticated necklace is an aesthetical masterpiece desirable to all collectors.

Another innovative design is displayed on a pair of Jadeite and Diamond Ear Pendants (Est: HK$3.2 - 4.5 million). Each pendant is set with a carved jadeite ruyi of excellent translucency and brilliant emerald green color. Its yuanbao shape, an auspicious symbol of wealth in traditional Chinese culture, now comes in a pair, further doubling the good fortune.

Of much uniqueness is a Burmese Jadeite and Diamond Pendant Necklace (Est: HK$3.3 - 3.8 million), which is set with a jadeite peapod of glassy material and vivid emerald green color, within a diamond-set frame, suspended from a pear-shaped diamond surmount and mounted in 18k white gold.

Also featured in the sale is a Burmese Jadeite Guanyin Pendant Necklace (Est: HK$1 million to 1.5 million). A well-carved guanyin of icy pale green color, the pendant is suffused with bright green patches and streaks, depicting the Goddess of Mercy sitting on a lotus flower, holding a ruyi in one hand, with a rat clambering down her arm.
*Estimates do not include buyer’s premium