Large Screw-Cap Bottle with Portraits of Emperors. Leipzig. Circa 1694/96. Johann Paul Schmidt. Photo Van Ham

Partially gilt silver with gilt interior. Six-sided body on flat base with relief-work and engraved busts of emperors in cartouches decorated with acanthus and fruit. Alternating relief-work war trophies. Acanthus vines on the lid and hinged handle. Height 21cm, with extended handle 27cm. Ca. 1273. Condition A/B. 

Base marked: Mark from Leipzig (see: Rosenberg Nr.2995), year mark "S" probably stands for 1694/96, maker's mark J.P.S. [ligatured] (Johann Paul Schmidt, from 1683, ibid. Nr.3066). Stamped number 278. Estimation : 10 000 / 14 000 €

Provenance: Private collection, South Germany. 

This bottle is probably the one described by Rosenberg as being in the P.A. Kotschubej collection, St. Petersburg in 1885. (Pg. 252, Nr.2995).

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