A Magnificent Pair of Emerald, Diamond and Pearl Ear Pendants. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2012

each suspending a pear-shaped emerald weighing approximately 23.34 and 23.18 carats, spaced by a pearl, to the cushion-shaped diamond surmount weighing approximately 3.01 and 3.01 carats, mounted in platinum, 4.5 cm long. Estimate HK$28,000,000 - HK$38,000,000 / US$3,500,000-4,800,000



Accompanied by report no. 62999 dated 12 april 2012 from the ssef swiss gemmological institute stating that the 23.34 and 23.18 carat emeralds are of colombia origin, with no indications of clarity modification; also accompanied by an appendix stating that the natural emeralds possess extraordinary characteristics and merit special mention and appreciation. the emeralds exhibit an impressive weight and a well-saturated green colour, combined with an attractive shape and cutting style, making them an outstanding matching pair of emeralds. microscopic examination revealed inclusions, which represent the hallmarks of colombian emeralds from the famous mining areas as muzo, coscuez, and chivor, all located in the green foothills of the cordillera oriental in the colombian andes. their saturated green colour is due to a combination of well-balanced trace elements in the stones, typical and characteristics for fine emeralds of colombia. in addition to these qualities, the fact that both emeralds show no indications of clarity modification is a further sign of rarity and the described gemstones are thus a very exceptional treasure


Also accompanied by report no. cs 47548 a and b dated 27 january 2012 from the american gemological laboratories stating that based on available gemological information, it is the opinion of the laboratory that the emeralds weighing 23.34 and 23.18 carat are natural, the origin of this material would be classified as classic colombia, clarity enhancement: none; also accompanied by a jewelfolio and a letter stating that the 23.34 and 23.18 carat emeralds are singularly distinguished and together make a pair of unique rarity. both exhibit an intense and saturated green colour that is representative of top-quality stone from Colombia. emeralds of such colour and quality are commonly referred to as "old-mine" emeralds and are considered to have originated from the Muzo mining district in western flank of the cordillera oriental. agl has developed a match pair rating that defines the comparative similarity in appearance of two gemstones and reflects the uniformity of all quality parameters. these two emeralds described received a rating of excellent. the total combination of quality elements, origin determination, match rating, as well as unique history represents a particularly rare combination to the world of emeralds


Report no. 2141093471 dated 13 february 2012 from the Gemological Institute of America stating that the 3.01 carat diamond is f colour, vs2 clarity

Report no. 2145594901 dated 23 april 2012 from the Gemological Institute of America stating that the 3.01 carat diamond is f colour, vs2 clarity, with excellent polish

Please note that the pearls have not been tested for natural origin (2)

The Grand Muzos

As one of the world's most highly prized gemstones, emeralds cement itself as the top three most coveted coloured stones, along with rubies and sapphires. its vibrant green hues have captivated pharaohs to spanish and portuguese conquistadors, european nobility and maharajas. inspiring exquisite pieces of top quality jewellery, colombian emeralds prevail in dominance with its unprecedented colour, fire and intensity, with the most expensive emeralds mined from the Muzo, Coscuez and Chivor area. today, colombian emeralds still reign supreme among knowledgeable connoisseurs and collectors.

Presented in lot 1898, is a classic pair of colombian emeralds weighing a sizeable 23.34 and 23.18 carats. both gemstones exhibit a richly saturated, homogenous lush green colour, representative of fine-quality emeralds from the cordillera oriental in the colombian andes. as a pair, both emeralds are extraordinarily well-matched and possess a high clarity rarely seen as the unique geology responsible for emerald formation presents a high probability for inclusions, poetically referred to as jardin, french for garden. subsequently, high clarity emeralds are exceptional and commands high prices among gem traders. adding to the exclusivity of this pair of emeralds is the fact that neither has been clarity enhanced, a procedure quite commonly accepted. 
Significantly sized, these emeralds were cut from a rare piece of rough that must be high in quality. incorporated is a superior level of craftsmanship where the facets exhibit a refined and well-proportioned cut accumulating into a masterpiece of high brilliance and light return. the difficulty of such faceting reflects the expertise of the original cutter, who has to assure that the amount of weight lost from the original rough crystal, is minimal and essential.

Of considerable size, high clarity, refined cut and remarkable colour, this pair of emerald pendants is an incredible and unique piece. in consideration of its rarity and as a tribute to the land where they originated from, lot 1898 has been named appropriately as the grand Muzos.

Christie's. Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels. 27 November 2012. Hong Kong