The Crown Of Colombia. A Rare Emerald And Diamond Ring. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2012

Set with a cushion-shaped emerald weighing approximately 15.99 carats, to the diamond-set three quarter-hoop, mounted in platinum, ring size 5¼. Estimate HK$8,000,000 - HK$12,000,000 (US$1,000,000-1,500,000)

Accompanied by report no. 63299 dated 2 may 2012 from the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute stating that the 15.99 carat emerald is of colombia origin, with no indications of clarity modification; also accompanied by an appendix stating that the natural emerald possesses extraordinary characteristics and merits special mention and appreciation. the emerald exhibits an outstanding purity and an intense saturated green colour, combined with an attractive shape and cutting style. microscopic examination revealed few inclusions, which represent the hallmarks of colombian emeralds from the famous mining areas as Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor, all located in the green foothills of the cordillera oriental in the colombian andes. its saturated green colour is due to a combination of well-balanced trace elements in the stones, typical and characteristics for fine emeralds of Colombia. in addition to these qualities, the fact that the emerald shows no indications of clarity modification is a further sign of rarity. a natural emerald from Colombia of this size and quality is rare and exceptional

Also accompanied by report no. cs 43329 dated 8 may 2012 from the American gemological laboratories stating that based on available gemological information, it is the opinion of the laboratory that the emerald weighing 15.99 carat is natural, the origin of this material would be classified as classic Colombia, clarity enhancement: none; also accompanied by a jewelfolio and an appendix stating that the 15.99 carat emerald exhibits both a saturated green color that is representative of top-quality emeralds from this auspicious source. the emerald also possesses a high clarity, providing a superior degree of transparency. of particular note, this fine emerald has not been clarity enhanced to improve their appearance

Christie's. Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels. 27 November 2012. Hong Kong