02 décembre 2012

A Pair of Blue and White Stem Cups, Qianlong six character mark and period (1736-1795)

A Pair of Blue and White Stem Cups, Qianlong six character mark (in a single line along the inner base) and period (1736-1795). Photo Stockholm Auktionsverk following the shape of an early Tibetan Buddhist butter lamp, painted in early Ming style with lanca characters above lotus flowers amongst scrolling stems above a band of radiating lappets, the stem suspending beaded jewels, the interior with a large flower-head, diameter 9 cm, height 10.5 cm; nicks. Estimate SEK 30 000-40 000... [Lire la suite]

02 décembre 2012

A magnificent Moonflask, with the seal mark of Qianlong and of the period

A magnificent Moonflask, with the seal mark of Qianlong and of the period. Photo Stockholm Auktionsverk of compressed globular form, finely painted in rich cobalt-blue tones imitating 15th century style with the Eight BuddhistTreasures (bajixiang) within stylized lotus petals. The sides, the cylindrical neck and spreading foot decorated with lingzhi scrolls, underglaze blue seal mark and of the the period (1736-1795), height c. 49.5 cm, width c. 38 cm, depth c. 22... [Lire la suite]
02 décembre 2012

Asia Week New York announces record number of international participants

Head of Buddha, Thailand, Lanna kingdom, 14th century, bronze, 32 cm. A life size head oft the Buddha with spectacular detail and patina, displaying the typical characteristics of the early Lanna kingdom of northern Thailand. NEW YORK, NY.- Eighteen new galleries from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States join the 2013 edition of Asia Week New York, bringing the total to an unprecedented 43 galleries, it was announced by Henry Howard-Sneyd, Chairman of Asia Week New York, and Sotheby’s... [Lire la suite]
02 décembre 2012

Hydrie à figures noires. Attique, fin du VIe siècle av. J.-C.

Hydrie à figures noires. Attique, fin du VIe siècle av. J.-C. Photo Fraysse & Associés peinte de deux hommes sur un char tiré par un bige, en présence d'un guerrier. À la base, frise de cinq animaux passant, et au sommet, Néreus (?) en présence de quatre hommes. Terre cuite vernissée noir et rehauts de peinture blanche et rouge (cassures et restaurations). Hauteur: 38 cm. Estimation : 3 000 - 5 000 € Provenance: Acquise entre 1900 et 1920, puis restée dans la descendance familiale Fraysse &... [Lire la suite]
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