A Russian Imperial Presentation Crested Gold and Diamond Antique Men's Ring. Russia, 1908-1917. Photo by Romanov Russia

A 56 zolotniks rose gold ring is applied with a silver gilt Russian double headed Imperial eagle. The eagle is set with an antique cut brilliant diamond (approximately 0.65 ct). Made in Moscow between 1908 and 1917. Width 14 mm. Price on request

Jewelry emblonized with Russian Imperial eagle or crown was exclusively commissioned by the Cabinet of His Majesty. Such jewels were never sold in jewelry shops to general public. Similar to medals and orders, jewels with Imperial insignia were given by the Tsar in appreciation of loyal service, and every piece was accompanied with an award certificate. It was the highest horner for a serviceman to receive a diamond ring from the Tsar.

Rings are the rarest category of the Russian Imperial presentation jewelry.

Here is a passage from The Russian Imperial Award System 1894-1917 by Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm (page 196): " Very few of the rings presented from the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty during the reign under study have survived... Presentation rings decorated with imperial double-headed eagles in diamonds ranged in price from 30 to 530 rubles. The costliest were set with brilliant-cut diamonds, whereas the lower priced ones had only minimal decoration in rose-cut diamonds... The following table illustrates the various types of rings presented, their value, and the ranks or positions held by the various persons who received them. Rings Presented from the Cabinet, 1909-16 price 450-530 r. Gold ring (перстень) with eagle and brilliants Major-general, state counsellor "

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