A Small junyao tripod incense jarlet with lavender blue glaze, China, Jin or Yuan dynasty, 13th or 14th century. Photo Nagel Auktionen

the small, massively potted tripod censer, resting on three bulbous feet, has a straight neck and everted rim and is covered with a thick lavender blue glaze thinning to a brownish-blue colour on the belly and at the edge of the rim, with a purple splash on and inside the everted rim, leaving the base and the three short feet unglazed, which have fired a dark brown. Very minor wear to glaze; h.: 6,3 cm, diam.: 6,2 cm. - Estimate 5 000 / 8 000 €

Property from an European private collection

Compare: R. Krahl, Chinese ceramics from the Meiyintang collection, vol. 1, London 1994, no. 390, a slightly smaller (h.: 5,0 cm) Junyao censer with same colour changes at the rim's edge and belly, but missing a purple splash, and no. 394, a larger Junyao censer (h.: 10,2 cm) of similar shape with purple splashes, both dated to Jin or Yuan dynasty (1115-1234), Henan, 13th or 14th cent.

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