Sapphire and diamond suite of jewels, Elmar Seidler, first half of 20th century - Sotheby's

Comprising: a bracelet, two rings, and a pair of earrings, decorated to the front and back with intricate metal work, the millegrain-set gemstones including cabochon, circular- and calibré-cut sapphires, variously cut diamonds, and seed pearls, bracelet length approximately 200mm, rings size 57, unsigned, bracelet and two rings illustrated from front and reverse. Estimate:  125,000 – 175,000 CHF

LITTERATURE: Cf: Christianne Weber, Schmuck der 20er und 30er Jahre in Deutschland, Stuttgard, 1990, pages 73, 74, and 309, for further information on this artist and his works.

NOTE: Elmar Seidler (1904-1976) began his career as a goldsmith's apprentice at the age of fourteen, in the town of Konstanz, Germany, where he was born. In 1921, he moved to Munich where he trained with renowned Art Nouveau jeweller, Karl Rothmüller. By 1926, having attained the level of master jeweller, he opened his own store on Schellingstrasse, in Munich. His early training as a goldsmith is undeniable given the attention to finely detailed metal work in his creations. Highly active in the 1930's, a time in which the Art Deco style was all the rage in Europe, Seidler's jewels of decidedly ancient Greek and Roman inspiration would have stood out as unique, as they do today.

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