A solid gold Byzantine solidus of Emperor Constans II, struck 651 - 654 A.D. at the Constantinople mint

The obverse with the facing bust of Constans with long beard and moustache, wearing cross topped crown and chlamys, and holding globus cruciger. The legend reading: D[ominvs] N[oster] CONSTANTINVS P[ater] P[atriae] AV[gvstvs] - "Our Lord Constantinus, Father of the People, Augustus".

The reverse shows cross potent on three steps. The legend reads: VICTORIA AVG ЧΘ - "[To the] Victory of the Emperors"

CONOB in exergue - Literally translated as, "Constantinopoli obryzum". The solidus weighed 1/72 (4.45g) of the Roman pound. "OB" was used as both an abbreviation for the word obryzum, translated as, 'refined' or 'pure gold' and as the Greek numeral 72. Thus, the exergue inscription CONOB may be read "Constantinople, 1/72 pound pure gold." -- Byzantine Coinage by Philip Grierson.

Diameter: 19.5 mm. Weight: 4.45 g. Price: 370,84 EUR

Provenance: Ex English private collection. artancientltd