Nephrite and Enamel Faberge Dish 2

Nephrite and Enamel Faberge Dish

A Gold, Gemset and Enamel Nephrite Dish by Carl Faberge, Chief Workmaster: Henrik WigstromSt. Petersburg, circa 1909. Photo courtesy Wartsky

of trefoil form, carved from a single piece of Siberian Jade. The rim decorated with red guilloche enamel, tied with diamond-set bands, set with rose cut stones; inventory number 17681. 6cm across. Price on application

Provenance: Purchased from the London branch of Faberge by Albert von Goldschmidt-Rothschild on 13th December 1909 for £20 and 10 shillings. 

Fabergé used six different types of nephrite, each exhibiting a different shade or texture. All were taken from boulders found in the majestic scenery beside the river Onot in Siberia. Birbaum when discussing the firm’s use of nephrite recalls the finest dark green nephrite, ‘when cut into thin sheets becomes translucent and acquires a wonderful dense green colour’.