Cylindrical Tankard with Incised Coat of Arms. Böttger stoneware, Meissen, ca. 1715. Photo courtesy of Robbig Munchen

Original silver-gilt mount, Nuremberg city mark, and as master craftsman’s signs two H’s interlaced (see Rosenberg 1922–28, vol. 3, no. 4268). H. 22.5 cm. Price on request. http://robbig.artsolution.net/

For comparison: Cylindrical tankard with similar incised decoration, Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig (inv. no. V 1516 (I. C. 547); see Gielke 2003, p. 84, no. 8. 
This important cylindrical tankard in polished Böttger stoneware has a broad strap handle and is incised on the front with filigree grotesque decoration in the manner of Jean Bérain, in which an oval medallion is topped with a baldachin and surrounded by Laub- und Bandelwerk. 
Engraved on the lid section of the contemporary silver-gilt mount executed in Nuremberg is a medallion with an (as yet unidentified) coat of arms. 

Literature: Gielke, Dieter. Meissener Porzellan des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts. Bestandskatalog der Sammlung des Grassimuseums Leipzig, ­Museum für Kunsthandwerk. Leipzig, 2003.
Rosenberg, Marc. Der Goldschmiede Merkzeichen. 4 vols. Frankfurt am Main, 922–28.