An unusual 'Longquan' celadon pear-shaped vase, Southern Song-Yuan dynasty. Photo Sotheby's

the slender ovoid body with petal-lobed sides rising elegantly to the flaring trumpet neck with bracket-lobed mouth simulating a morning glory blossom, the sides with hook handles suspending fixed rings, all under a sea-green glaze that thins on the ribs. Height 10 3/8  in., 26.3 cm. Estimation 40,000 — 60,000

NOTE: A 'longquan' celadon vase dated Song / Yuan dynasty of similar form and size but with dragon-head handles is illustrated in Selected Chinese Ceramics from Han to Qing Dynasties, Chang Foundation, Taiwan, 1990, no. 62.

Two related vases can be found excavated in Zhejiang illustrated in Ci Yuan Xie Cui, Hangzhou, 2009, one with similar petal-lobed sides dated Southern Song dynasty p. 162; and another with hook handles suspending fixed rings dated Yuan dynasty p. 169.

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