Golden Fleece with "Bohemian garnet". Diespach, Franz Georg Christoph (jeweler), Prague 1749. 3 large lobsters (above and below Pryop, middle: almandine), 4 small grenade, 318 diamonds, gold, silver, enamel. Total H 16.3 cm. VIII 6. Green Vault © Dresden State Art Collections 2013

The insignia of the highest Habsburg Knights were Augustus the Strong and his son, the future King Augustus III. , 1722 awarded jointly by Poland. However, since 1697, Augustus the Strong was in the range of the knights. Emperor Charles VI. granted them the extraordinary privilege to be a knight of the Golden Fleece at the same time projecting their own home decorations, the Polish White Eagle Order. It was also allows them to have prepared individual jewelery designs - an offer which she made ample use. In its order created numerous, exceedingly magnificent jewels, of which eleven have received the Green Vault today, including the Golden Fleece with "Bohemian garnet". They all consist of four pieces connected by hinge elements: the button (above), by the Order of the tape was pulled, the fire iron, the flame and the ram's fleece - motifs that are borrowed from the famous Argonauts. Your stocking with extra large and fine stones reflects the high rank of the Order. The "extra large Bohemian garnet", was considered the largest ever found in Bohemia gem of its kind Augustus III.commissioned Johann Friedrich Dinglingerhaus "carmisiret of Bohemian garnets, with diamonds." with the production of a Golden Fleece But even 12 years later this had become unfashionable and garnet Order still exists today as the Order was in 1749 by Georg Christoph Franz Diespach made. The Golden Fleece with the "Bohemian" garnets is an excellent example of the spirit of the Rococo created, elegant and richly moving Jewelry Order.