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28 août 2013

Jewel of the Order of the Golden Fleece 'From Brazilian Yellow Topaz". Pallard, Jean Jacques (Goldsmith), Geneva or Vienna, 1755


Jewel of the Order of the Golden Fleece 'From Brazilian Yellow Topaz". Pallard, Jean Jacques (Goldsmith), Geneva or Vienna, 1755-1756. Three step-cut topaz, 369 diamonds, gold, silver. Total H 15.2 cm; Order: 10.9 x 8.0 mm; trailer: 4.3 x 4.5 cm. VIII 5. Green Vault © Dresden State Art Collections 2013

Only after Augustus the Strong converted to Catholicism in 1697, paved the way for his inclusion in the oldest and most prestigious Catholic order, the Order of the Golden Fleece. In fact, it was only in 1722 coincided with his son's insignia on behalf of Charles VI. presented. The emperor granted the Saxon Majesties the extraordinary privilege to be Knights of the Golden Fleece, and at the same time as an order to project their own sovereign Polish White Eagle Order. In addition, they could be produced jewelry designs of woven Order for his own use. So after 1722 created a variety jeweled treasures, of which eleven are still in the Green Vault. The inherited from his father learned pieces, like the jewel sets, under Augustus III. Changes. Among the newly crafted jewels also includes the Golden Fleece with three Brazilian topazes, "a jour" passed, which the jeweler Jean Jacques Pallard on behalf of Augustus III. anfertigte. It is the only one that has survived from the hands of the Swiss artist's gem today.Three large octagonal topaz of bright golden yellow color at the center of Coulants, the fire and the flames iron beam. In Coulant and iron in the fire Pallard varied slightly rhombic, drawn in the general version of the main stones with flower-like character. In the lively leaping flames of the fire iron can be found next to medium-sized round brilliant diamonds and numerous small diamonds, which occupy the flames to the tips. Pallard tied the hanging limply, carefully engraved ram's fleece very close to the flame bunch. Pallards topaz fabric was the last jewel of its kind that came in the Green Vault and was a technical and artistic masterpiece of highly decorative effect.