Jatagan with Sheath, Murat (bladesmith),  Ottoman. 1806-1807 release. Blade iron, forged brass with tauschiert; horn handle, carved, wooden scabbard covered with velvet, silver hardware driven. Total length 75.6 cm blade 60.1 cm Weight 676 g. Y 0021. Armoury. © Dresden State Art Collections 2013

Jatagane belonged to the typical armament of the Ottoman Janissaries, but were also common in the Balkan peoples. They have slightly S-shaped blade with the cutting edge on the inside of the main curvature and were, as you could use them biting and cutting, suitable for close combat infantry.Above all copies of the late 18th and early 19 Century arrived in large numbers in European collections.In the inventories of the Dresden Armory this weapon type is usually referred to as "deheading". The owners inscription is surrounded by a double line tughraförmigen what is found relatively frequently Jatagan blades.