Cup in the form of a shell with two dolphins, Giovanni Battista Metellino, Milan, 1720. Rock crystal, silver filigree, gold, lapis lazuli; 21.8 x 26.0 x 32.0 cm. V 249. Green Vault © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden 2013

The imaginatively designed ornamental bowl declared in all details clearly as the work of Giovanni Battista Metellinos (see, Inv. No. V 312, V 315), which proved also in the production of this precious treasure chamber piece as an excellent master of the vessel section (arte Grossa). The dish was cut from a very large and clear rock crystal piece in the form of a shell, which is occasionally adorned with fine INTAGLI. The foot consists of two closely intertwined dolphins from rock crystal. On both sides of the vessel, the extremely long, executed in precise relief cut tails of these sea creatures wind up.Whose ends form the barely practically useful, but very decorative handle. August the Strong yet been offered two more "Dolphin vessels" from the estate of Giovanni Battista Metellinos. To two, resulting in the Dresden Print Room brush drawings of 12 June 1724 (Inv. No. C 1968-128, 1968-127) offered the heirs Metellinos the treasures for a total price of 525 gold ducats. The king acquired immediately.