Trophy in the shape of a winged dragon, Giovanni Battista Metellino, Milan, 1715-1716. Rock crystal, silver, gold, lapis lazuli. H 39.0 cmV 312. Green Vault © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden 2013

The Green Vault has Metellinos major works that illustrate the full range of his abilities. The rock crystal vessels Giovanni Battista Metellinos to August the Strong maintained good business relations, characterized by imposing size, excellent cut, sculpted dolphin and dragon figurines and silver gilded frames with small trim pieces of lapis lazuli. To the royal customers of the Milan artist included King Louis XIV of France, whose son and Augustus the Strong. He owes the Green Vault, the world's best collection of works Metellinos. 1715, August the Strong in Milan ordered a "Drago" (= dragon) rock crystal that was paid a year later with 200 ducats, as recorded in a printed invoice. The high purchase price and the description could apply to the one shown here ornamental pot. Whose back is adorned with the magnificent cut back part of a crouching dragon. The head of the monster rises with wide open mouth, over the edge of the vessel. Two wings give the composition a quirky sense of elegance and make it entirely to an admirable showpiece. The foot is surrounded by a mounting ring in sterling silver filigree, are located in the oval piece of bright blue lapis lazuli. This type of sockets using lapis lazuli is one of the stylistic features of the Metellino workshop in Milan.