A fine and rare white jade 'double-gourd' ewer with poem inscription. China, Qing-dynasty (1644-1911). Photo Auktionshaus Stahl.

Carved white jade with few areas of brown russet. Elegant double-gourd shape with long nozzle and curved handle. At both sides of the wall a gilt inscription. One side with large auspicious characters 'Daji'. The other side with fine poem lines, composed of 55 characters. The cover with butterfly relief and naturalistic pommel. The areas of brown russet delicately composed into the overall decoration. The semi-translucent stone of an exquisite and even whiteish tone. Four-character Qianlong-mark. H. 25 cm. Estimation : 25 000 €

- The inscription contains lines form the famous poem 'Written at My Wang River Retreat after a Steady Rain' () by Wang Wei (, 701-761). Wang's poems were included in the 1705 collection of important Tang-poems 'Quantangshi', commissioned by Emperor Kangxi.
They experienced a high appreciation throughout the 18th cent., especially at the Imperial court. For another jade carving in double-gourd shape and with the auspicious characters 'Daji' from the Qianlong-period, nowadays in the Palace Museum, Beijing, see: The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum: Jadeware (II), Hong Kong 2008, no. 71.

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