Giovanni Boldini (1842 - 1931), Portrait of Princess Cecile Murat - 1910, XIX Century, Italy. Photo courtesy ENRICO Gallerie d'Arte

The Galleria Enrico has been founded in 1972 by Franco Enrico, and is specialized in 19th Century italian Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours. Now the Gallery is directed by the second generation of the family, Angelo and Serafino Enrico, that offer high representative works by the most important Italian painters of the last Century, from the various schools, starting from the Macchiaioli to the Divisionists, from Lombard School to Venetian, from the Piedmontese to Napolitan School, of course without omit the Italian-French painters: Giovanni Boldini, Giuseppe De Nittis and Federico Zandomeneghi.

Haughton Internationl Fair. ENRICO Gallerie d'Arte / Italy. Email: enricogallerie@iol.it - Website: www.enricogallerie.com