Double Gourd Porcelain Vase, Crane Décor, China, Wanli Period (1573-1619). Photo Auctionata - Berlin

Porcelain with blue underglaze painting and iron red paintwork over the glaze. Wanli six-character mark in a double-circle on the underside. Blossom shaped, wooden pedestal of the Qing Dynasty.Height vase: 34 cm, height pedestal: 6 cm.Excellent condition. Estimation : 6 400 / 8 000 €

Provenance: From a Frankfurt Estate

Note: A comparable vase, also dated Wanli, was sold in November 2002 at Christie’s, London

This magnificent double gourd porcelain vase of the Wanli Period (1573-1619) is decorated with flying cranes and ornamented clouds in underglaze blue amidst an iron red background. Each crane, which stands in the Chinese tradition as a symbol for a long life, great age and for wisdom, is rendered very finely in an individual manner.
The varied structure of the red colouring gives the upward tapered vase a beautiful, vivid appearance. Underneath, it shows centrally and finely executed the six-character mark of the Wanli Period (1573-1619) in a double-ring in underglaze blue.

The porcelain vase is in excellent condition with hardly any traces of age and wear. It measures the height of 34 cm.
The matching wooden pedestal is in very good condition apart from some abrasion along the standing surface. Its height is 6 cm.

Auctionata - Berlin. Vendredi 18 octobre 2013. Franklinstrasse 13, 10587 Berlin. Contact: Victoria Mäder-Duhn (vma@auctionata.com)