A lacquer and gilt wood sculpture of Kannon Bosatsu (Bodhisattva) seated in kekka fuza (lotus position) on a lotus pedestal raised on top of a dais, the hands in hokkai jo-in, mudra of the meditation of the world of cosmic law. The head is adorned with a decorative crown at the base of a tall top-knot. The face has gyokugan (inlaid crystal eyes) and a crystal also represents the byakugo (white spiralling hair) on the forehead. A gilt copper necklace and armlets adorn the body. Japan, 16th-17th century, Momoyama/Edo period. Dimensions: Figure and base: (Height) 71 cm (28 in.); Figure: (Height) 42.5 cm (16 3/4 in.). Photo courtesy GREGG BAKER ASIAN ART

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