Frans Pourbus the Younger (1569 – 1622), An Unknown Man. Oil on oval panel: 19 x 15 in. (49 x 39 cm.). Painted circa 1594. Photo: Courtesy of The Weiss Gallery/

PARIS.- Paris Tableau 2013 was a resounding success, both for its 24 international exhibitors (including 2 framing specialists) and for its 6,000 visitors. While still only in its 3rd edition, the fair has established itself as an unmissable meeting for old master paintings enthusiasts. 

From the private view on Tuesday 12 November, 2,200 collectors, curators, delegates from institutions and international curators passed through its doors. These included: 

• Keith Christiansen, Metropolitan Museum, New York – USA • James Clifton, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston – USA • Paul Lang, National Gallery, Ottawa – USA • Jean-Patrice Marandel, County Museum of Art, Los Angeles – USA • Olivier Meslay, Dallas Museum of Art – USA • Mary G. Morton, National Gallery of Art, Washington – USA • Eike Schmidt, Minneapolis Institute of Arts – USA • Humphrey Wine, National Gallery, London – England • Michael Clarke, National Gallery of Scotland – Scotland • Liesbeth Helmus, Central Museum, Utrecht – Netherlands • Fred G. Meijer, Institute for Art History, the Hague – Netherlands • Bodo Brinkmann, Kunstmuseum Basel – Switzerland • Matίas Díaz Padrón, Senior Curator of the Prado, Madrid – Spain 

The Louvre was well-represented; Director Jean-Luc Martinez and Vincent Pomarède, Director of the Paintings Department were joined by ten curators linked to the prestigious institution. Pierre Rosenberg and Michel Laclotte, both honorary presidents, were at the meeting. 

Also in attendance were the Petit Palais; the INHA; the Rouen Musée des Beaux-Arts Rouen; the Ajaccio Musée des Beaux-Arts; the Nantes Musée des Beaux-Arts; the Musée Jacquemart-André; the Musée Cognacq-Jay; the Musée Granet; the Rennes Musée des Beaux-Arts and the Musée National du Château de Compiègne. Paris Tableau in Figures: 

• 6,100 visitors over the 5 days of the fair, from 13 to 17 November, compared to 6 days in 2012: visitor numbers are constantly growing, around 10% year on year since Paris Tableau was set up in 2011. 

• A broad price range, from 10,000 to 4 million euros. 

Particular canvases generated much interest such as the magnificent portrait of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger by Hans Holbein the Younger (1497 –1543), presented by The Weiss Gallery. With an asking price of 3.5 million pounds, this tondo was the most expensive work at the fair. 

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Hans Holbein the Younger (1497 –1543),  Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger (1521 - 1554). Oil on circular panel: Diameter 12 5/8 in. (32 cm.) . Painted circa 1540-42. Photo: Courtesy of The Weiss Gallery/ 

The De Jonckheere Gallery sold a number of works including Pieter Aertsen (1508-1575) Parable of the Royal Wedding (16th century), for around 2.5 million Euros to a private collector. 


Pieter Aertsen (1508-1575) Parable of the Royal Wedding (16th century).Photo courtesy http://www.galleryofmasters.com

For Kunsthandel P. de Boer, the closing hours of the fair proved successful, seeing the gallery sell one of its major works, a representation of the Tower of Babel. 


 Hendrick Van Cleve III (ca. 1525 - 1589), La Construction de la Tour de Babel.  Huile sur panneau, 51 x 66 cm. Photo courtesy Kunsthandel P. de Boer

Galerie Canesso sold their most significant painting, which had an asking price of 780,000 euros: The Triumph of Wisdom over the Devil, Avarice and Sin by Domenico Piola (1617 - 1703) An oil on canvas by François de Nomé (Metz, 1593 – 1640), Expulsion of the Merchants from the Temple, also found a buyer. 


Domenico Piola (Genoa 1617-1703), The Triumph of Wisdom over the Devil, Avarice and Sin. Oil on canvas, H: 150 x L: 200 cm. Photo: Courtesy of Galerie-Canesso. 

Galerie Talabardon & Gautier sold 3 paintings, including Luis Ricardo Faléro’s (1851 – 1896) tambourine and the highly sought-after Straw Hat, by Alfred Stevens (1823 –1906). Two others were reserved. 


Alfred STEVENS (1823 – 1906), Le chapeau de paille. Huile sur panneau; 27 x 21,5 cm; Monogrammé en haut à droite. Photo courtesy Galerie Talabardon & Gautier

Coll & Cortés presented a superb locket by Jacopo Ligozzi (1550 – 1627), with an Ecce Homo on the front and The Calvary of Christ on the back. 

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Jacopo Ligozzi (Verona, circa 1550 – Florence,1627), Ecce Homo (front). Photo courtesy Coll & Cortés

Galerie Claude Vittet sold their highlight piece, a remarkably well-preserved triptych from 1515 by Adriana van Overbeke and Studio (1505- 1515). 


Adriaen van Overbeke et son atelier (Actif à Anvers entre 1505 et 1530), Ecce Homo - Triptyque. Panneau central : 68 x 56 cm. Panneaux latéraux : 68 x 23 cm. Photo courtesy Galerie Claude Vittet

Mythological themes

Jacques Leegenhoek also sold a delicate oil on canvas by Isaac Moillon (1614 –1673), representing Acis and Galatea. Galerie Éric Coatalem sold, amongst other canvases, a pair of River Gods by Francois Boucher (1703 – 1770) 


A notable sale on by The Weiss Gallery was further tondo, this time by Frans Pourbus the Younger (1569 – 1622), Portrait of an Unknown Man, circa 1594. Carlo Virgilio sparked interest from collectors with Studies for Two Moorish Figures by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, known as Grechetto (1609 – 1664). 


Charles Beddington sold, to private collectors, a Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714 –1789) and a Pierre-Jacques Volaire (1729 – 1799) The asking price for each of these was 200,000 Euros. The gallery also sold a painting by Bernardo Canal 1824 – 1852 (Canaletto’s father), with an asking price of 120,000 Euros. Jean-François Heim sold a landscape by Johan Christian Dahl (1788 –1857), Kronborg Castle by Moonlight, 1836. 


Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714 –1789), An Inlet near Naples with a Castle and Fisherfolk. Oil on canvas, 63.3 x 98.8 cm. Photo courtesy Charles Beddington


Pierre-Jacques Volaire (1729 - 1799), L'éruption du Vésuve du 15 juin 1794. Huile sur toile; 66,5 x 92 cm; Signée: Le C.er Volaire f. Charles Beddington


Johan Christian Dahl (1788 –1857), Kronborg Castle by Moonlight, 1836, signed and dated 'Dahl 1836' (lower right), oil on canvas, 12 x 17¾ in. (30.5 x 45.1 cm.). Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2002

The Carlo Virgilio stand saw sales of a Louis Gauffier (1762–1801), a François Gérard (1770 –1837) and a Fausto Zonaro (1854 –1929). A new participant, the gallery are keen to return and were happy with the new contacts they had made at the fair. 

Other newcomers, Jorge Coll and Nicolás Cortés (Coll & Cortés) also listed a number of sales and new contacts. Cesare Lampronti also made a number of sales, notably two charming Francesco Guardi (1712 –1793) works, over the weekend. 


Francesco Guardi (1712 – 1793), Caprice avec ruines, pont et lagon. Huile sur toile; 30,5 x 51,1 cm. Photo courtesy Cesare Lampronti


Francesco Guardi (1712 – 1793), Caprice avec ruines et lagon. Huile sur toile; 30,5 x 51,1 cm. Photo courtesy Cesare Lampronti

Extra events at Paris Tableau

The Sous Reserve d’usufruit exhibition created a talking point amongst the curious and collectors. On the evening of the private view, Guillaume Kientz, a curator from the Paintings Department of the Louvre and commissioner of the exhibition, established contact with further collectors interested in the scheme. A round table was held the day after the private view, which put Sous reserve d’usufruit back on the donations agenda and presented the advantages of this advantageous system. 

The success of the conference organised about the connoisseur Federico Zeri, shows the extent of the affection and admiration felt towards him by his peers. The book dedicated to Federico Zeri and Connoisseurship, published on this occasion by a sponsor (GT Finance), received unanimous support. 

Paris Tableau 2013, keeping in line with its two previous editions was able to satisfy collectors and curators, showcased an even better quality of works than ever, facilitated sales and created a dialogue concerning cultural development and benevolence. Paris Tableau allowed the eloquence of Old Master paintings to speak for themselves, creating a successful fair that is also a hub of knowledge and connoisseurship. 

PARIS TABLEAU 2014: exact dates are still to be determined, but the fair will be held between 6 and 16 November. 

PARIS - Du 13 au 17 novembre, la troisième édition de Paris Tableau a attiré 6.000 visiteurs – une fréquentation en hausse de 10 % – et proposait des œuvres estimées entre 10.000 et 4 millions d’euros.

Les 24 exposants dont deux marchands de cadres présents cette année au Palais Brongniart ont attiré de nombreux conservateurs internationaux, parmi lesquels Keith Christiansen du Metropolitan Museum de New York, James Clifton du Museum of Fine Arts de Houston, Mary G. Morton de la National Gallery of Art de Washington, Humphrey Wine de la National Gallery de Londres, Bodo Brinkmann du Kunstmuseum de Bâle ou Matίas Díaz Padrón conservateur émérite du Prado à Madrid, aux côtés de plusieurs conservateurs français.

En ce qui concerne les ventes, le portrait de Sir Thomas Wyatt le Jeune par Hans Holbein le Jeune, dont le marchand Mark Weiss demande 3,5 millions de livres, soit l’œuvre la plus chère du salon, pourrait être prochainement acquis par une institution. Parmi les transactions actées, la Galerie De Jonckheere a vendu plusieurs tableaux dont l’un, au profit d’un particulier, signé par Pieter Aertsen : La Parabole du mariage royal (XVIe siècle), pour environ 2,5 millions d’euros. Maurizio Canesso (Galerie Canesso), président du salon, a cédé son tableau le plus important, pour lequel il demandait 780.000 euros : Le Triomphe de la Sagesse Divine sur le Démon, l’Avarice et le Péché de Domenico Piola, ainsi qu’une huile sur toile de François de Nomé (Metz, 1593 – Naples, 1640) : Les Marchands chassés du Temple.

La galerie Talabardon & Gautier a vendu trois tableaux, parmi lesquels le tambourin de Faléro et le Chapeau de paille, d’Alfred Stevens, tandis que deux autres étaient réservés. La Galerie Claude Vittet a trouvé acheteur pour l’une de ses pièces-phares, un triptyque entier réalisé par Adriaen Van Overbeke et son atelier.

Dans la catégorie des thèmes mythologiques, Jacques Leegenhoek a trouvé preneur pour une huile sur toile d’Isaac Moillon (Paris, 1614 – 1673), représentant Acis et Galatée, tandis que la Galerie Éric Coatalem a vendu, parmi ses toiles, une paire d’huiles, Étude de fontaine en brunaille par Boucher.

Dans la catégorie des portraits, on notera la vente sur le stand de la Galerie Weiss, du tondo de Frans Pourbus le Jeune (1569 – 1622), Portrait d’un inconnu (circa 1594).  Dans la catégorie des paysages, Charles Beddington a cédé, au profit de collectionneurs privés, un Claude-Joseph Vernet et un Pierre-Jacques Volaire, dont il demandait pour chacun d’eux 200.000 euros. Charles Beddington a également vendu un tableau de Bernardo Canal (le père de Canaletto), dont il demandait 120.000 euros. Jean-François Heim a de son côté vendu notamment un paysage de Johan Christian Dahl (Bergen, 1788 – Dresde, 1857), Le château de Kronborg au clair de lune (1836).

Parmi les galeries ayant connu le succès le plus important, la Galerie Terrades avait, dès la fin du deuxième jour du salon vendu neuf tableaux, de Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, Paul Delaroche ou encore Marcantonio Franceschini, tandis que Carlo Virgilio vendait un Louis Gauffier, un François Gérard et un Fausto Zonaro.

Autres nouveaux venus, Jorge Coll et Nicolás Cortés (Coll & Cortés) dénombrent également plusieurs ventes et de nouveaux contacts. Enfin, Cesare Lampronti a lui aussi réalisé plusieurs ventes, notamment deux petits Guardi, durant le week-end.