An Austrian parcel-gilt model of a peacock, maker's mark ZBK, Brody, 1787-1806. Photo Sotheby's.

realistically chased, the feathers alternately gilt, detachable head and chain, oval base with 1806-1809/10 Austro-Hungarian control marks; 30cm. long; 12in.; 449gr, 14oz 10dwt. Estimation 3,000 — 5,000 GBP

Litterature: Associated literature: For information on the hallmark see: Michael Gradowski, Znaki Na Srebrze, Warsaw, 1994, pp213-216

The town of Brody, now in western Ukraine, is from an area of Eastern Europe known as Galicia. In the 17th and 18th century it was the property of two great Polish families the Koniecpolski and the Potocki. In 1772 Galicia became the most northern province of the Austrian empire, with a widerly diverse population, including an important Jewish community centred in Brody. In 1787 Galicia was split into 18 hallmarking districts which followed the Vienna system and adopted a similar hallmark where each of the 18 centres were distingued by a different letter. The 1787 hallmark covered the period from 1787 to 1806.

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