“Wave” by Mark Schneider (Long Beach, California) won the highest honor awarded to a design. "Wave" also won the Fashion Award.



 “Obi” by Stanislav Drokin (Ukraine) won the Luster Award for “most marketable” of all the entries in the competition. This design will have the most overall appeal for the retail marketplace.



 “Midnight Comet” by Darryl Alexander (Gilbert Arizona) won the Designer's Award for the entry that takes pearls to the far corners of the imagination and beyond.



“Big Wave” by Philip Bouasse (Montreal Canada) won the Brilliance Award for the entry that best illustrates the spectrum of pearl colors in the most beautiful way.


 “Lunar Eclipse” by Hsiao Ching Lee (Taipei City, Taiwan) won the Orient Award for the entry that would inspire a new found affinity in someone for cultured pearls.



"Lily Pearl” Chi Huynh (Galatea: Jewelry by Artist of San Dimas, California) won the Visionary Award for the entry that re-defines the iconic pearl strand and shifts the perception of cultured pearls for today’s buyer.



“Tahitian Paradise” by Vickie Smith (Cheshire, England) and "Wave" by Mark Schneider both won the Fashion Award for fun, fresh, and modern designs.




Two entries won the Wedding Day Pearls Award for entries that created a "fantasy wedding" theme with pearls: “Wedding Bouquet” by Dilly Kirby (Elizabeth Blair Fine Pearls of Harbor Springs, Michigan) and“Rough Diamonds” by Lee Wiser McIntosh (Katura Design of Atlanta, Georgia).