Danish, 2009. By Steffen Dam (b.1961)

The delicate glass models of jellyfish are encased by and incorporated into glass tubes, giving the appearance of study specimens.

heights 20 to 23 cm (8 to 9 in)

Each jellyfish is made individually using a wide range of specialist glass making skills. The artist's creative ability together with this mastery of his craft has produced these exquisite and unique creatures.

Steffen Dam, precise and analytical, spent the first ten years mastering his craft; blowing, casting and grinding, practising and experimenting to achieve perfection. However, he noticed that the unwanted blemishes, the tiny air bubbles and marks, held a certain beauty which he decided to explore. Fifteen years later, these anomalies have been mastered and incorporated into his work and these glass sculptures are the result, an imaginative and delightful journey into an undersea world.

Permanent Collections and Installations:
The Victoria & Albert Museum London, UK
Museum of Arts and Design Collection New York, US
Glasmuseet Ebeltoft Denmark
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Germany
The Danish Museum of Decorative Art Copenhagen Denmark
The Anneberg Collections Nykøbing S. Denmark
The Danish Arts Foundation 
The private collection of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II
Nykredit Copenhagen Denmark
Seven Bridges Foundation, CT

(source: http://www.peterpetrou.com/)