ZURICH - Top bids covering the Renaissance up to Historicism. The large auction for Furniture and Sculptures on 27 March brought several surprises over the course of the day. Already shortly after the auction opened, bidders wereagitatedly fighting over a Venetian wedding casket from the 15th century by the Embriachi workshop, opulently decorated with carved bone. The casket sold for CHF 108 000, i.e. more than four times the estimated price (lot 1019). The top lots for the morning were the red lacquer Louis XV commode by M. Criaerd at CHF 168 000 (lot 1115) and the astronomic long case clock from 1760, which sold for CHF 192 000 (lot 1060). Ecclesiastical sculptures were likewise high in demand and mostly sold within the estimated range.


Important wedding casket with reliefs in bone depicting scenes from the life of Susanna, Renaissance, workshop of the Embriachi (important workshop in Florence in Venice in the 15th century), Venice, ca. 1430. Photo Koller

Walnut and bone, richly carved with depictions of Susana Bathing. Rectangular, with a hinged lid. The inside of the lid is painted red and blue. Red silk lining. 48x30x34 cm. 

- former Collection Wertheimer, Frankfurt

- Provenance: private collection, Lugano. 

Expertise by L. Foi, 2008.


Red lacquer commode, Louis XV, stamped M. CRIAERD (Mathieu Criaerd, maître 1738), Paris ca. 1760Photo Koller

Wood lacquered all around in the "goût chinois". The centre with 2 sans traverse drawers Exceptionally fine, matte and polished gilt bronze mounts and sabots. Shaped "Campan" top. Restorations and alterations. 129x62x84 cm. Estimate CHF 120,000 / 180,000 (€ 99,990 / 149,990). Sold for CHF 168,000.

Provenance: from a French collection. 


Astronomic long case clock "A Equation" so-called "Gutwein-Uhr", Louis XV, the movement is from a Wurzburg master workshop, probably NESTFELL-FELLWECK (Johann Georg Nestfell, 1694-1762 and Johann Georg Fellwöck, 1728-1810), Southern Germany, ca. 1760Photo Koller

Purpleheart in veneer, finely inlaid with cube marquetry "en papillon" and ornamental frieze. Base with grey/beige marble plate. Silver-plated bronze dial with hours in Roman numerals and minutes in Arabic numerals. With indication for sun time, date, world time, signs of the zodiac, and North Pole projection. 5 fine, partially gilt and blued hands. Fine anchor escapement 80 days power reserve, intricate calendar movement. Fine, gilt bronze mounts and applications. Movement requires servicing. Alterations. H 202 cm. Estimate CHF 160,000 / 240,000 (€ 133,320 / 199,990). Sold for CHF 192,000.

The large mantle clock with planetarium from the Empire/Restauration sold for CHF 240 000 (lot 1243) and is going to Germany. A private collector from the Middle East acquired lot 1236, a bronze of a horse after the Roman sculptor Righetti, and lot 1202, a pair of Louis XVI vases with Sèvres porcelain and bronze mount, at CHF 72 000 and CHF 132 000, respectively. The same collector also bought the „surtout de table“of the Parisian noble family De Cordier de Bigards from 1895, for CHF 126 000 (lot 1284).


Large mantle clock with planetarium, Empire-Restauration, after the model by Z.J. RAINGO (Zacharie Joseph Raingo, called L'Ainé, Mons 1775-1847 Brussels), signed ANTIDE JANVIER A PARIS (Antide Janvier, 1751 Paris 1835), Paris ca. 1810-20Photo Koller

Cuba mahogany, in veneer. Temple-shaped case with planetarium on top. Silver-plated bronze dial with Roman hour numerals and day of the week and signs of the zodiac. Four fine, partly blued Breguet hands. Anchor escapement striking the 1/2-hour on bell. Planetarium with the Earth, the sun, the moon and planets makes one full rotation in 365 days. Clock: D 29 cm. H 59 cm. Base: D 29 cm. H 112 cm. Estimate CHF 160,000 / 260,000 (€ 133,320 / 216,650). Sold for CHF 240,000.

- former Collection P. Izarn, Paris. 
- from a French collection. 


Bronze figure of the anatomy of a horse, Empire, the cast after F. RIGHETTI (Francesco Righetti, 1738-1819), Rome, 19th centuryPhoto Koller

Patinated bronze and red marble. H 44 cm. L 40 cm. Estimate CHF 28,000 / 48,000 (€ 23,330 / 39,990). Sold for CHF 72,000.

Provenance: from a French collection. 


Pair of porcelain vases with bronze mount, Louis XVI, porcelain from the Manufacture de Sèvres, bronze from Paris, end of the 18th centuryPhoto Koller

Fine porcelain, painted with roses in white wreath rondelles on a cobalt blue ground and gilt bronze. Trophy-shaped vase. Minor losses and alterations. H 27 cm. Estimate CHF 60,000 / 90,000 (€ 49,990 / 74,990). Sold for CHF 132,000.

- former collection Charles Wertheimer, Germany. 
- former collection Catarina von Pannwitz, Berlin, purchased from the above, in 1910


Cabinet "A Cigares", Revival style in the Empire style, by C.G. DIEHL (Charles Guillaume Diehl, Steinback 1811-1885 Paris) and E. GUILLEMIN (Emile Guillemin, 1841 Paris 1907), Paris, ca. 1865-70Photo Koller

Shaped mahogany. Front with large door over narrow drawer. Interior with 5 drawers "à l'anglaise", caned, for the cigars. 
Exceptionally rich bronze mounts and applications. 58x38,5x128,5 cm. Estimate CHF 80,000 / 120,000 (€ 66,660 / 99,990). Sold for CHF 132,000.

Provenance: from a French collection. 

Expertise by the Cabinet Dillée, Guillaume Dillée / Simon Pierre Etienne, Paris 2014. 


Princely "Surtout de table" in the Régence style, stamped ODIOT, with mark and coat of arms of the DE CORDIER DE BIGARS family, Paris, ca. 1895Photo Koller

Bronze, silver-plated. 66x53x51 cm. Estimate CHF 40,000 / 70,000 (€ 33,330 / 58,330). Sold for CHF 126,000.


Pair of important vases with lids "Aux Chasseurs", Louis XVI, probably German, ca. 1800Photo Koller

"Carrara" marble, exceptionally finely carved. H 225 cm. Estimate CHF 90,000 / 140,000 (€ 74,990 / 116,660). Sold for CHF 126,000.

- former Collection Hackwood Park Castle, England. 
- private collection, France. 


Set of 8 fauteuils "A la Reine", Louis XV, inscribed to L. DELANOIS (Louis Delanois, maître 1761), Paris ca. 1760Photo Koller

Moulded beech wood, finely shaped and gilt. Blue silk cover with a fine floral pattern. Gilt, minor chips. 68x60x46x96 cm. Estimate CHF 65,000 / 85,000 (€ 54,160 / 70,830). Sold for CHF 84,000.

Provenance: from a French castle. 


Pair of vases with handlesEmpire-Restauration, by DARTE FRERES (Darte Frères Paris 1801-1833), after drawings by C. PERCIER (Charles Percier, 1764 Paris 1838) and P.F.L. FONTAINE (Pierre François Léonard Fontaine, Pontoise 1762-1853 Paris), Paris ca. 1825-35. Photo Koller

Fine and colourfully painted porcelain, probably from the Manufactory Nast. Large amphora-shaped vase with broad neck and shaped lip, the sides with handles designed as acanthus leaves and rams' heads. Painted with bouquets of flowers, verso large vase, bouquet of flowers, cornucopias, angels and leaves. Additionally finely decorated with rosettes, cartouches and leaves. H 60 cm. Estimate 0,000 / 90,000 (€ 49,990 / 74,990). Sold for CHF 84,000.

Provenance: from a Swiss private collection.  


Important pendule "Aux Chinois Porteurs", Louis XV, model by J.J. DE SAINT-GERMAIN (Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain, maître 1748), maître 1748), the dial and movement stamped FESTEAU A PARIS (Simon Ier François Festeau, known as "Le jeune", maître 1750), the bronzes with "C couronné", Paris ca. 1745-50.Photo Koller

Bronze, matte and polished gilt. Enamel dial with hours in Roman numerals and minutes in Arabic numerals. 2 fine, gilt and engraved hands. Fine brass movement with 1/2-hours striking on bell. Dial slightly chipped. Requires servicing. 50x20x60 cm. Estimate CHF 60,000 / 100,000 | € 49,990 / 83,330). Sold for CHF 78,000.

- private collection, Switzerland

- Koller Auction, Zurich, 27 June 2003 (Lot No. 1124). 
- private collection, Munich


Secrétaire "A Abattant", Louis XV, stamped RVLC (Roger Vandercruse, maître 1755), Paris ca. 1760-65Photo Koller

ulipwood and purpleheart in veneer and exceptionally finely inlaid in "bois de bout"; flowers, leaves, cartouches and ornamental frieze. Slightly convex front with central drawer with leather-covered top over 1 secret drawer between a double-door. Fine, matte and polished gilt bronze mounts and sabots. Shaped "Brèche d'Alep" top. 84x39x(open 62)x120 cm. Estimate CHF 60,000 / 90,000 (€ 49,990 / 74,990). Sold for CHF 74,000.

Provenance: from a French collection


Pair of ornamental porcelain vases with bronze mountsLouis XV, the porcelain from China, probably Qianlong period (1736-1795), the bronze Paris, 18th-19th century. Photo Koller

Finely painted porcelain and gilt bronze. H 32 cm. Estimate CHF 28,000 / 48,000 (€ 23,330 / 39,990). Sold for CHF 62,400.

- former Collection Hammel, Paris. 
- from a French collection. 

Expertise by the Cabinet Dillée, Guillaume Dillée / Simon Pierre Etienne, Paris 2014.


Mantle clock with skeleton movement, moon phase and dateLouis XVI, the cartouche signed RIDEL A PARIS (probably Laurent Ridel, active from ca. 1770 onwards), the enamel painting attributed to J. COTEAU (Joseph Coteau, Geneva 1740-1801 Paris) , Paris ca. 1780Photo Koller

Gilt bronze, white marble and exceptionally fine enamel. Fine enamel dial ring with Arabic hours and minutes, date and days of the week in French, as well as planet symbols. 5 fine hands. On top: window with moon phase. Fine brass movement striking the 1/2-hours on bell. Large sun pendulum. Fine mounts and applications. Requires servicing. 27x15.5x50 cm. Estimate CHF 50,000 / 80,000 (€ 41,660 / 66,660). Sold for CHF 60,000.


Set of 4 large fauteuils "A la Reine", Louis XV, stamped TILLIARD (Jean-Baptiste I or Jean-Baptiste II Tilliard, maître 1738 and 1752)Photo Koller

Moulded beech wood, exceptionally finely carved with flowers, leaves, stylised shells, volutes, and ornamental frieze. Beige fabric covers with colourful pansies. 72s58x42x95cm. Estimate CHF 18,000 / 28,000 (€ 14,990 / 23,330). Sold for CHF 40,000.

- from a private collection, Switzerland. 
- Koller Auction, Zurich, 3 December 1996 (Lot No. 1071). 
- from a private collection, Munich.