Processional Cross, Limoges, early 13th century. Photo Koller Auctions

Wooden core mounted with chased and gilt copper, set with glass stones and champlevé enamel plaques in turquoise, dark blue, red and green. The Corpus Christi in engraved, gilt and enamelled copper. One side of the cross with the crucified Christ and half-figures of the Evangelists at the cross ends. Verso with round, enamel plaque of Christ in Majesty. The cross ends with the symbols of the Evangelists. Losses and chips. Alterations. H 41 cm. Estimate CHF 48,000 / 68,000 | € 39,990 / 56,660. Sold for CHF 60,000.

Provenance: Swiss private collection. 

Lit.: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Enamels of Limoges 1100-1350, New York 1996; page 315 ff. 

Koller Auctions. 27 March 2014 - www.kollerauktionen.ch