A fine miniature carving of an olive kernel conveying the motif of the Journey to the Red Cliff, China, signed, 19th century. Photo Nagel

Carved in the form of a boat with an enclosed section with an attendant fanning a scholar under the awning, the entrance flanked by two further attendants, the bow of the boat carved with two gentlemen seated at the table, and a group of passengers riding on top of the roof, for a total of eighteen passengers, finely rendered with windows that close and open, theunderside carvedwith a poem,payig tribute to poet Su Shi who visited the Red Cliff (Chibi), signed, separate wood stand - Zhan Jusheng (1802-1876) alias gusheng, Zhengcheng, Guandong province, was well known for olive kernel carving - With stand,good condition. L. 2,4 cm. Estimate 10 000 - 15 000 €.

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