Jadeite Cabbage, Qing dynasty, 18th-19th century. National Palace Museum, Taipei.

TOKYO - Renowned works have been carefully selected for this exhibition from the cultural properties in the collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei. The exhibition aims to introduce widely the characteristics and exquisiteness of Chinese culture. 

From ancient times, people in Japan have been familiar with Chinese culture and have actively sought to assimilate it. Distinctive Japanese culture, which was formed subsequently, can be better appreciated through an understanding of the fine Chinese cultural properties in the collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.


Pan basin with scattered names, Western Zhou dynasty, 9th–8th century BC. National Palace Museum, Taipei. 


Fluted bowl, celadon glaze, Ru ware, Northern Song dynasty, 11th–12th centuryNational Palace Museum, Taipei.


Poem on the Scent of Flowers in cursive, by Huang Tingjian, Northern Song dynasty, 11th centuryNational Palace Museum, Taipei. 


Listening Quietly to the Wind in the Pines, by Ma Lin, Southern Song dynasty, 13th centuryNational Palace Museum, Taipei.


Clouds Crossing the Majestic Peaks, by Gao Kegong, Yuan dynasty, 14th centuryNational Palace Museum, Taipei.


The Red Cliff, by Wu Yuanzhi, Jin dynasty, 12th century [on exhibit from August 5 to September 15, 2014]. National Palace Museum, Taipei.


Nine Goats Commencing the New Year, Yuan dynasty, 13th–14th century. National Palace Museum, Taipei.


Vase, painted gold on indigo ground, with revolving interior with swimming fishes design in fencai overglaze enamel, Jingdezhen ware, Qing dynasty, Qianlong era (1736–1795). National Palace Museum, Taipei.