01 août 2014

German-cut Stunning and Immense Peridot, Pakistan


German-cut Stunning and Immense Peridot, Pakistan. Photo Bonhams.

Faceted in Idar-Oberstein by Bernd Cullman

The impeccable German faceting of this star-cut, navette (marquise)–shaped stone is only one of its commendable characteristics. Faceted by one of the top cutters in the German gem-cutting city of Idar-Oberstein over 20 years ago the color of this astonishing peridot is a vivid and bright green with even saturation. Using desirable old rough, now unavailable in comparable sizes, the cutter has revealed the highly transparent interior and given the stone a superb polish providing it with a mirror-bright luster. Suitable for mounting as a one-of-a-kind pendant, this sought-after and rare collector's stone is sure to create a statement when worn by the right woman.

Weighing approximately 232.93 and measuring 52.40 x 31.85 x 21.40mm. Sold for US$ 80,500 (€60,168)

Accompanied by a copy of a Gemological Report from DSEF, the Deutsche Stiftung Edelsteinforschung (German Foundation for Gemstone Research) Idar-Oberstein, dated July 18, 2000 state star-cut navette-shapped natural peridot.

Bonhams. Gems, Minerals and Lapidary Works of Art New York - 23 May 2012

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