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Flemish manufacture. Pendant depicting Hercules, gold, enamel and pearl, Scaramazza, 16th century,via Christie"s Geneva


Flemish manufacture. Pendant in the form of a marine animal in gold, enamel, precious pearl piettre, Scaramazza, 16th century, via Christie"s Geneva.


"The Canning Jewel". Flemish manufacture. Gold, precious stones, pearl Scaramazza from 16th century, Victoria and Albert Museum, London © Victoria Albert Museum.


Dutch Manufacture, 16th century, gold and enamel pendant with baroque pearl in the form of a flask. Museo de ll'Argenteria, Firenze.


Flemish manufacture, Ostrich in gold, enamel, precious stones and pearl Scaramazza, 16th century, Florence, Museo degli Argenti.


France, gold pendant with dragon on baroque pearl, carnelian based, Regional Gallery of Sicily, Palermo.


Dutch Manufacture, Elephant in gold, enamel, emeralds, diamonds and a pearl Scaramazza, 17th century, Museo degli Argenti, Firenze.


German manufacture, Camel in gold, silver, enamel, precious stones and pearl Scaramazza, 17th century, Florence Museo degli Argenti.


German manufacture, Bacchus, gold, enamel, gemstones, pearls baroque, 17th century, Florencen Museo degli Argenti.


Flemish manufacture, Chimera in gold, enamel, precious stones and pearls baroque, 17th-18th century, Green Vault, Dresden.


France, Pin brooch depicting Omphale. Gold, silver polished, enamel, precious stones and pearl Scaramazza, 19th century. Private collection.