Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl and Diamond Ring

27.38 carats Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl and Diamond RingEstimate 1,300,000 — 1,600,000 HKD (146,455 - 180,253 EUR). Photo Sotheby's

Centring on a cat's-eye chrysoberyl weighing 27.38 carats, surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds extending to the shoulders together weighing approximately 1.00 carat, mounted in 18 karat white gold. Ring size: 5¼

Accompanied by GRS and Gübelin reports numbered GRS2008-092823 and 15027004, dated 26 September 2008 and 1 March 2015 respectively, stating that the 27.38 carat cat's-eye chrysoberyl is natural, of vivid greenish-yellow (GRS type "honey-colour"), with no indication of treatments. The GRS special comment states that the chrysoberyl is a 'extremely rare combination of size, sharp "Cat's Eye effect", magnificent colour and excellent transparency. The Gübelin Appendix states that the cat's-eye chrysoberyl 'possesses an exceptional degree of transparency, combined with a straight, well-centered and very pronounced chatoyancy. Such a combination of properties is rare in a chrysoberyl of this size.

Sotheby's. Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite, Hong Kong, 06 avr. 2015, 01:00 PM