A rare grey pottery zun, Shang Dynasty

Lot 1. A rare grey pottery zun, Shang Dynasty (1600-1050 BC); 25cm., 9 7/8 in. Estimate 4,070 - 5,426 EUR. Lot sold 95,831 EUR Photo courtesy Sotheby's.

modelled in the form of a bronze zun, the middle bulbous section rising from a tall splayed foot to a wide trumpet neck, the central section and the neck decorated with a leiwen band, all divided by double fillets at the neck and foot, Japanese wood box. Quantité: 2

ExhibitionExhibition of Eastern Art: Celebrating the opening of the Gallery of Eastern Antiquities, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo, 1968, cat. no. 342.

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Sotheby's. The Soul of Japanese Aesthetics – The Tsuneichi Inoue Collection, Londres, 13 mai 2015, 10:00 AM