A rare and small dingyao floral teabowl, Song Dynasty (AD960-1279)

A rare and small Dingyao floral teabowl, Song Dynasty (AD960-1279)Estimate 35,000 - 45,000 (142,000 - 182,000) (4,500 - 5,800). Photo courtesy Ravenel.

Shaped like a blossom, this teabowl has a lobed rim and is covered entirely with white glaze of a smooth, glossy luster. There are no decorative designs of any kind. This type of petaled-edge and ridged-wall ware involves a more complex manufacturing process than other round vessels, and is most commonly seen in late Tang metal objects. In the Song dynasty, people enjoyed modeling objects and utensils on classic designs, and this brushwash is a good example. MD: 10 cm

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