A rare Qingbai 'chrysanthemum' dish, Northern Song dynasty

A rare Qingbai 'chrysanthemum' dish, Northern  Song dynastyEstimate 150,000 — 200,000 HKD  (18,001 - 24,001 EUR). Photo Sotheby's. 

with shallow rounded sides and an gently everted rim, supported on a narrow tapered foot, moulded on the interior and on the underside with overlapping radiating petals resembling a chrysanthemum flower, the recessed centre incised with a lotus, applied overall with a translucent glaze slightly tinged to blue with yellowing undertones, save for the base left in the biscuit revealing a smooth white ware - 17.2 cm., 6 3/4  in.

Property from a private East Asian collection

Sotheby's. Chinese Art. Hong Kong, 01 Jun 2015, 03:15 PM