North East French, circa 1340-1350, Virgin and ChildEstimation  12,000 — 18,000  GBP -  Lot. Vendu 15,000 GBPPhoto Sotheby's

polychromed limestone; 75.5cm., 29¾in. 

Provenancewith De Raad, Rosmalen, 1980;
private collection, North Brabant

NoteEven though the jolly facial types and drilled decoration on the agrafes are highly unusual, the sophistication with which the drapery on the present figures are carved compares closely with statues of the Virgin and Child from the Lorraine.

J.A. Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth, Die lothringische Skulptur des 14. Jahrhunderts, Petersberg, 2005, nos. 171 and 365

Sotheby's. Old Master Sculpture and Works of Art, 9 juillet 2015 - Londres