Two jadeite boxes and covers and a jadeite ‘chilong’ washer, late Qing dynasty and 20th centuryEstimate  40,000 — 60,000  HKD.  Lot. sold 525,000 HKD. Photo Sotheby's

the first box in the form of a leafy gourd wreathed in flowering branches, detailed with a mangosteen and a variety of insects picked out in the bright green and russet inclusions of the stone; the second box of circular form carved with a shou character surrounded by bats on the cover; the washer modelled in the form of an archaistic coin, wood stands; boxes: 8.5 and 7.2 cm., 3 3/8  and 2 7/8  in., washer: 12 cm., 4 3/4  in.

Sotheby's. Chinese Art, Hong Kong, 01 juin 2015, 03:15 PM