A lobed Yingqing ewer, China, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)

A lobed Yingqing ewer, China, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)Estimate 2000/3000 €. Sold 2.200 €. Photo Nagel

The ovoid body divided into eight vertical lobes, supporting a tall waisted neck with flared mouth, linked to the shoulders by a tall strap handle with a small tubular eyelet on top, set opposite the high curved upright spout covered overall with a clear glaze of very light blue tint. H. 17,2 cm. Tip of spout slightly chipped

Property from an old European private collection 

NoteA similar ewer and cover, excavated from an early Northern Song tomb in Haining county, Zhejiang province, are illustrated in Wenwu, 1983, no. 8, pl. 5, fig. 3; and another by Ayers in the Seligman Collection Catalogue, vol. II, pl. LXV, no. D222. Two other ewers of this type are illustrated in Chinese Ceramics in the Idemitsu Collection, pl. 417, with cover but lacking the high foot, and pl. 418, of similar form but lacking a cover.

NAGEL. "Asian Art". Sale 722, 06/06/2015