A cast bronze standing figure of an immortal, Ming dynasty, 16th-17th centuryEstimate US$ 20,000 - 30,000 (€18,000 - 27,000). Photo: Bonhams.

Dressed in a scholar's cap with trailing ribbons, his layered garments tied with a sash suspending an immortal's gourd as he stands on a rocky outcropping surrounded by waves; the surfaces finished in a patina of dark brown hue. 18 1/2in (47cm) high

NotesThe immortal depicted here may be Lu Dongbin, the patron of scholars, as suggested by his scholar's cap and attire. The waves bordering the reticulated plinth may refer to his journey, as one of the immortals, to Penglai Island, the abode of the immortals.

For a bronze immortal of similar size and attributed to the 16th/17th century, see Robert Mowry, China's Renaissance in Bronze: The Robert H. Clague Collection of Later Chinese Bronzes 1100-1900, 1993, cat. no. 52, pp. 210-11 (45.7cm high). Both the Clague standing figure and this lot show perforations on the face for attachment of hair to form a mustache and beard.

For smaller version of this lot in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, also identified as Lu Dongbin and ascribed to the Ming dynasty, see Rose Kerr, Later Chinese Bronzes, 1990, fig. 64, p 83 (25.5cm high). Another version in a similar pose, also standing on a wave-covered base and identified as Lu Dongbin, is preserved in the Musée Cernuschi: see Michel Maucuer, Bronzes de la Chine impériale des Song aux Qing, 2013, cat.no. 108, p. 156 (25cm high)