Abel Grimmer (c.1570 Antwerp c.1620), A winter landscape of a villageEstimated Price: CHF70,000 - CHF100,000Photo Koller Auctions

 Oil on panel. 47.5 x 68.5 cm. 

Expertise: - Walther Bernt, 06.27.1955. - Reine de Bertier de Sauvigny, 05.05.1985. 

Provenance: - Collection Helbing, Munich, 1928.
- Weinmüller auction, Munich, May 1955, No. 1625
- German private collection.
- Studer Private Collection, Vaduz.
- Swiss private collection.


- Dalberg, E .: monograph de Jacob Grimmer, 1972 No. 12 (as attributed)..
- Bertier de Sauvigny, Reine de Jacob et Abel Grimmer, Catalogue raisonné, 1991, cat. no. 25, p 284, fig. 96, p 353 (as a hand of Abel Grimmer). 

Notes: This highly detailed and finely painted winter landscape is a quality full example of artistic creation Abel Grimmer. The accented in red hues figures and buildings that stand out against a tuned in harmonizing white and gray-blue-background tonality, are characteristic of the artist. The emphasis on clean lines and geometric shapes in the buildings illustrate the preference of the artist for architecture that is also expressed in his church interiors and architectural drawings. The composition shown here assumes Grimmer with slight variations in the listed in Bertier de Sauvigny painting in a French private collection (see Bertier de Sauvigny, 1991, cat. No. 8, p 279, fig. 144). 

Abel Grimmer, son of the painter Jacob Grimmer (um 1525-1590), was recorded in the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke 1592nd He is known for his small-scale rural scenes that contain partially biblical motifs or are designed as a series of seasons or months of the year and of compositions of Pieter Brueghel d. Ä. (around 1525-1569) and Hans Bols (1534-1593) inspired. The work offered here particularly impressed by its imposing size, in the winter atmosphere is still out Moody in mind.

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