ALEXANDRE REZA. "Facette" Ring featuring a cushion-shaped diamond weighing 6.12 carats.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Lyhane" Ring featuring an oval-shaped Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond weighing 1,54 carat and an Internally Flawless, oval-shaped diamond weighing 1.24 carat.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Eventails" Earrings featuring 2 troidia-cut emeralds weighing 2.96 carats, Fancy Yellow brilliants weighing 0.46 carats, and brilliants weighing 2.78 carats, set on pink gold.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Briolette" Earrings featuring round cabochon rubies, Fancy Yellow briolette-cut diamonds, trapeze-shaped diamonds, and marquise-shaped diamonds.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "A." Ring featuring a pear-shaped spinel weighing 4.26 carats.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Carré Ciselé" Cufflinks composed of 20 brilliants weighing 2.85 cts.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Sapphire and Diamond" Earrings featuring Ceylon oval-shaped sapphires, troidias diamonds, and baguette-cut diamonds.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Ruban" Earrings featuring round sapphires and brilliant diamonds.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Dentelle" Earrings featuring pear-shaped Zambian emeralds, maisonette-cut diamonds, trapeze-cut diamonds, and brilliant diamonds.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Gouttes" Necklace featuring pear-shaped drop Colombian emeralds and brilliants.


ALEXANDRE REZA. “Twist” Ruby Ring composed of unheated Burmese oval-shaped ruby weighing 7.03cts, marquise-shaped diamonds weighing 4.31cts and brillant-cut diamonds weighing 0.41ct.


ALEXANDRE REZA. Trembleur “Branch” Earrings featuring 2 heart-shaped diamonds weighing respectively 3.77cts and 4.01cts (E. VS1), 18 marquise-shaped diamonds weighing 3.88cts, 40 pear-diamonds weighing 9.40cts and brillant diamonds weighing 2.29cts.


ALEXANDRE REZA. “Turban” Sapphire Ring featuring unheated sugar-loaf Ceylon sapphire weighing 27.74cts surrounding baguette diamonds set upside down weighing 6.68cts.


ALEXANDRE REZA. “Cascade” Diamond Earrings featuring 38 marquise-shaped diamonds weighing 55.10cts (D. IF).


ALEXANDRE REZA. “Moon” Ring featuring an emerald-cut diamond weighing 9.88cts. surrounding 2 colombian half-moon emeralds weighing 11.34cts.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Old Mine Emerald" Earrings featuring 4 Colombian cushion-shaped emeralds weighing 51.84cts. Top part includes 2 oval-shaped diamonds weighing 2.18cts surrounding baguette diamonds weighing 14.10cts, 4 square-shaped diamonds weighing 1.56ct and brillant-cut diamonds weighing 2.29cts.


ALEXANDRE REZA. “Air” Earrings featuring 2 unheated Burmese oval cabochon sapphires weighing 12.06cts and 11.27cts. Top part includes 2 oval diamonds weighing 2.21cts (one D. IF and the other one D. WS1), surrounding baguette diamonds weighing 10.90cts.


ALEXANDRE REZA. “Crescents” Earrings featuring 2 troidia diamonds weighing 1.48ct, diamonds weighing 6.42cts and brillant-cut diamonds weighing 9.01cts.


ALEXANDRE REZA. "Irremplacable" Neckalce composed of a natural grey pearl weighing 25.10cts, suspended to a losange shape diamond weighing 1.18ct and a deep orange-yellow fancy-cut diamond weighing 3.76cts. 12 princess-cut diamonds weighing 6.66cts and 10 white natural pearls weighing 5.28cts surrounding diamonds weighing 4.82cts and brillant-cut diamonds weighing 5.79cts.

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