Qiu Ying (Attributed to, circa 1495-1552), Immortals playing chessEstimate $300,000 - $400,000. Price Realized $1,805,000. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2015

Handscroll, ink and color on silk. Signed, with one seal of the artist
Seventeen collectors’ seals, including three of Liang Qingbiao (1620-1691), three of Liang Qingjun (17th century), five of Emperor Qianlong (r. 1736-1759), three of Emperor Jiaqing (r. 1796-1820), and one of Emperor Xuantong (r. 1909-1911)
Colophon by Wen Zhengming (1470-1559), stating that this painting was executed by Qiu Ying before he was thirty years old, and painted for Wu Kuan (1435-1504), signed, with one seal of the artist
Dated the fifth day, seventh month, bingchen year (1556)
Frontispiece by Wen Peng (1498-1573), signed, with two seals of the artist
11 ½ x 36 ¾ in. (29 x 93.5 cm)

LiteratureShiqu Baoji Sanbian, juan (chapter) 11, in Midian Zhulin Shiqu Baoji Hebian, Shanghai Bookstore, 1988, vol. 9, pp. 544-545.

Christie'sFINE CHINESE PAINTINGS16 September 2015, New York, Rockefeller Plaza