Deckelpokal "Lizards Cup from the Lüneburg Council Silver", Luleff Meyer, 1599 or earlier, Lüneburg. Silver, wrought, cast, z. T. gilded and painted, 38 x 12,5 cmIdent.Nr. 1874.383. Kunstgewerbemuseum © Foto: Kunstgewerbemuseum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Foto Karen Bartsch.

Upper part of the foot, shank, cover and knob - cast plants and animals - from nature. Relief decoration with punched base. Painted casts from nature and unvergoldete matches the decor cold, get only paint residue. Marks on the edge of the foot. With the exception of natural casts little careful work. - A Tierabguß (Frog) lost. Cover rim perhaps later addition. 
Cup in construction and proportions Inv. No. 1874.379 related. Shaft drum with revolving hunting scene after the same model as for Inv. No. 1874.382. Slightly elongated shapes and tail business decor follow the style of the time, the rest of the Cup belongs to a widespread since the mid-16th century, essentially going back to the Jamnitzer workshop type. There you will find decorative elements such as emerging plastically driven heads and the pointed arch facing. A specialty Jamnitzer was the Natural cast. This technique could be applied only in certain workshops. In Nuremberg it is detectable up to 1570/80, but cast small animals was prepared even to the 17th century.