Plate "Allegory of a Roman triumphal celebration", Jean de Court, 2nd half 16th century, Limoges. Copper, enamel painting. Width: 54 cm. Ident.Nr. K 5053. Kunstgewerbemuseum © Photo: Museum of Decorative Arts of the National Museums in Berlin - Prussian Cultural Heritage. Photo: Saturia Linke

Limoges, located in the southwest of France, since the Middle Ages was a center of the art of enamelling. Towards the end of 15th century here the enamel painting developed related to copper, majolica and stained glass. 
With this large plate small metal foils intensify under the transparent colors whose luminosity. The figures were carved out with pasty white heightening. Template for the main was an engraving of the Italian engraver Marcantonio Raimondi (1475-1534 to). Grotesques and gold ornament complement the magnificent appearance. 
The monogram "IC" on the back of the panel is now identified with Jean de Court (from 1530 to 1584 in order), one originating from Limoges enamel painter, who was in the service of European farms. SN