Madonna and Child from the Lüneburg Council Silver, 1510, Lüneburg. Silver, wrought, cast, z. T. gilded and painted. Pearls, turquoises, glass, isinglass, 69 x 22.9 x 18.8 cm (height without base 56 cm). Ident.Nr. 1874.370. Kunstgewerbemuseum © Photo: Museum of Decorative Arts of the National Museums in Berlin - Prussian Cultural Heritage.  Photo: Karen Bartsch

Figure driven, two-piece, internally overlapping. The externally visible, not very carefully soldered seams on Faltengrate and his head constantly. Child hands of Maria and probably also the pear fruits poured. Hands with pens held, Child and branch soldered to the hands.Stone and Pearl versions, hence the Coronet, secured by cotter pins. Bezels, Blumenranken the crown and nimbus of the child from quergerieftem, crown of twisted wire from completion.Embedded figure with two loops in the base and secured by wedges. Crown, hair of Mary and child, earth, branch, dress, Mantelborte and chain gilded. Flesh tones, jacket lining (blue), Armelfutter (red), shoe sole (red) and grass base (green) cold painted, flowers and fruits with remains colored lacquer. - Socket: Getreppte parts, wall separately used and coverage driven. Maßwerkteile cast. Reliquaries inserted with two loops. ZT gilded. 
Maria, the child lightly on his left hand and wearing a dainty, occupied with flowers and fruits pear tree branch hands with pointed fingers of the right hand, stands on a grassy knoll. Your body is S-shaped bend, the face to face with a delicate bend of the head to the child, the left hip supports his left arm, the right arm is pressed against the body. While the mainstay is hidden, the knee of the free leg is emerging through the clothes, and a coat of semi-rounded corner, slipper-like shoe is visible. Wavy bulging and lively from the crown, the hair falls broadly on the back. The spreading crown is formed of five equal, delicate sheet elements that fan out far and end in tendrils and fish bubble like shapes. The interposed flowers are top with colored glass stones and a pearl in versions decorated and however many are connected by a horizontal rotating, down through a winding wire with each other. Glass stones and pearls adorn the Kronreif. Attached to the crown were formerly still small double-wing pendants, who went down to one copy lost. 
The child, -so naked and formed naturalistically into anatomical details Speckfalten and nails are finely worked out - sitting upright, the legs are bent and the toes of the right foot stretched into the air. With lively gestures, curly,-embraced by the halo head slightly inclined and a smile suggestive, it has the rights to the dominated the Cross globe in his left hand. 
The drapery of Mary consists of a dress, of which only the wide sleeves and the region of chest, waist and abdominal approach with belt buckle and be visible, and of a provided with braid and glass stones, turquoise beads as jacket, actually a zweizipfligen cloth. Held together by two thin chains, he is placed in such a way over the shoulder, that he behind forms on the sides long tube wrinkles and creased again emerged in front, however, the arms covered, right opens easily, just falling and with a corner next to the shoe regurgitates, while the larger, left-hand part of the jacket, held by the right arm, pulled over in a relaxed drape and lifted to the other corner in the height - a strict, evolving from the clear oval outline line structure, in which also the child's body and Birnzweig are included. About the right arm Mary was formerly a coral necklace, a rosary, which is already 1573 and later repeatedly mentioned. He has not yet received. 
The eight-necked base is getreppt inward and decorated with Strebe- and tracery: rows pointed arches, profiled and occupied with crab, also circularly curved pinnacles and gargoyles in animal form. Is located on the front of a small reliquaries, showing a strip of parchment with the following red lettering under three times parted Marienglas: "Sancta Katarina de SCTO Vito de SCTO Vincentio De sancto Stephano de sancto Anschario"