Nicolas de Largillière (1656 - 1746), The sculptor René Frémin (1672-1744), ca. 1713. Oil on canvas. 135.5 x 109.2 cm. Ident.Nr. 80.1. Gemäldegalerie, Berlin © Photo: Gemäldegalerie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Photo: Jörg P. Anders. 

Here the baroque topos ingenious artistry is celebrated. The sculptor moves confidently between unformed matter in the foreground and consummate in the form of 'Torso of Belvedere "in the background. The former strict canon demanded the programmatic orientation of the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial period art and their abolition in contemporary artifacts. Against this ideal is taking place of the creative process to "Zephyr and Flora", a group of figures who created Frémin 1713. This castle of Trianon in the park of Versailles planned bildwerk probably came no longer to run. The estimated French sculptor Frémin (1672-1744) also worked for the Spanish court in the Iberian Peninsula. Color and composition of the painting provide a characteristic example of the art at the end of the age of Louis XIV.