Candy bowl with deer in the enclosure in thistle and oak wreath from the Lüneburg Council Silver, 1490 - 1500, Lüneburg. Silver, wrought, cast and gilded z. T. Height x diameter: 15 x 34,5 cm. Ident.Nr. 1874.396. Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin © Photo: Kunstgewerbemuseum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Photo: Karen Bartsch

Hirsch, oak wreath and figurines and music poured in cup base. Separately shell edge worked. Border of the foot and -zarge, gilded shell edge, inner edge of the shell hump, reliefs of the Fund and central part with the exception of the hill. Hill with remnants of green, translucent enamels, fixed bowl with a sort of bayonet lock at the bottom. A shell hump damaged. 
Shell body in the basic shape and the nature of the decoration of the preceding piece closely related, buckles flat, fencing of the hill notwithstanding, Hirsch probably cast by the same model. Six Passiger, wide margined and hunched foot frame with openwork quatrefoil in diamonds. Turned stem from several rows in opposite directions to each other and arranged entangled fish bladder hump. Shell divided by 14 Half-Hump, grooved rim and profiled. The pecked Fond driven, springing from a strain branches, around it launched Akanthuswedel, deer, dogs and a hunter with spear and hunting horn. In keyed stages high domed central part, crowned by a deer lying on a hill Flechtwerkzaun, door and padlock. On the steps of a thistle and a holding of eight rosettes Eichenkranz. 
The two attached to the fence enamelled coat of arms includes Long Cord (d. 1506) and his wife Ghebeke Schomaker (d. 1502). The Foundation of the Council should be carried out during the lifetime of the mayor. Very probably originated the piece in the same workshop as Inv. . No. 1874.395 but heard his twisted shaft - in the clumsy, swelling Buckelung technically apparently not yet mastered - a subsequent phase on stylistic.