Table, attributed to Jan van Mekeren, ca. 1695 - ca. 1710, oak wood, veneered with King's, ebony, rosewood and maple and other woods, h 76,0cm × W × D 71,5cm 98,5cm. BK-1962-50. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Table veneered with King's, ebbe-, rosewood and maple and other woods on an oak core. The baluster legs are connected by a double slung Y-shaped cross. All surfaces are filled with bloemenmarqueterie. The magazine has an elaborate flower basket on a table decorated with a frieze filled with work by band connected bladvoluten, between a swan and another bird. In the left and right-hand corner a butterfly and bird.

This table was designed to be placed against the wall. There usually was a mirror above and on either side stood standards for candlesticks. Often there was also a matching cabinet, which in the same way with bloemenmarqueterie was decorated. So were all the furniture in a room, a decorative unit.