Rock crystal coupe with lid, Milan, ca. 1580, rock crystal, silver, rhinestoneh 23,0cm × W × D 11,0cm 13,8cm. BK-17 128. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Oval coupe of rock crystal in a frame of gilded silver. All parts of rock crystal are ribbed. On the lid a crystal knob mounted in a frame with four female herms, on top an eagle with light arms.

The trophy was originally owned by the Russian Romanov dynasty. The heirs of Ivan Nikitich Romanov (ca. 1560-1645) donated the trophy to his cousin, Tsar Alexei Michailowitsj (1629-1676). For large state occasions the trophy was put down to emphasize the power and the age of the family. After the Russian Revolution, the family crest is removed.