David with the Head of Goliath, probably Dresden to 1700-1706. Gold, enamel, baroque pearls, diamonds, rubies, Quarzvarietäten in red and white. H 11.7 cm; Base: L 10,7cm, B 8,1 cm. inventory number: VI 105, Green Vault © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden 2016

In January 1706 crates took a total of 102 planned to pledge jewels and cabinet pieces their way downriver to Hamburg. August the Strong was advised at that time resulted in the Northern War massively in financial distress and wanted to protect his treasures beyond before accessing the Swedish occupiers. Only eight years later, the convolute returned safely back to Dresden. had a large item was the 34 Perlfiguren that August the Strong acquired in large part at the fair in Leipzig. This includes the Perlfigur "David with the Head of Goliath".